Value Proposition

Pure Paani aims to target the need of affordable, effective, dependable water treatment on behalf of those living in Bangalore's lowest-income communities. It aims to accomplish this by developing a portable, hand-operated filtration device that can be used repeatedly by a traveling service provider. This provider or "microentrepreneur" will earn a sustainable income for the work they carry out. Hence, the business will provide treatment services to those who need it via a self-perpetuating distribution network.


End Beneficiary - Low Income Residents

In order to stay healthy, those living in Bangalore's most resource-challenged communities often struggle with the choice between expensive, time consuming water purification options and taking the risk of no treatment at all. Pure Paani provides them with the benefit of affordable, consistently effective treatment services. 

Intermediary - Microentrepreneurs

Enterprising members of these low income communities have the ambition, empathy and entrepreneurial sense required to help improve the lives of their friends, family and neighbors. While they have the capacity to provide basic products and services, they lack the ability to improve the neighborhood's drinking water in a sustainable manner. Pure Paani provides them with the equipment and training they need to fill this gap in the market. 


Root Business - Pure Paani

Pure Paani will develop a fleet of affordable water treatment products that can be transported easily and used quickly. The business will constantly refine its line of devices in order to better fit the needs of the microentrepreneurs. It will also provide replacement filtration media at a competitive price.