Stakeholder Needs

After choosing to address the need for affordable, portable water filtration and treatment with a microentrepreneur network of distribution, the next step is designing a tangible product that addresses the needs of all parties involved. Given this double-layered buyer/seller relationship, the product constraints must be strictly established in order to ensure proper affordability and profitability during both exchanges. These constraints better guide the product design steps of filter media choice and pump architecture.

End Consumer's Needs

Need Constraint
low service cost maximum service charge of ₹8 per liter filtered
effective removes or neutralizes all sediment and microbes
fast maximum time of 10 minutes to filter 20 liters of water
tasteless minimal residual chemical additives

Microentrepreneur's Needs

Need Constraint
low overhead maximum upfront cost of ₹2500
low recurring operational cost maximum operational cost of ₹2 per liter filtered
high revenue minimum service charge of ₹5 per liter filtered
portable capable of fitting in a 30cm x 30cm x 40cm space
consistent performance maximum 10% reduction in flow rate after each 450 liters filtered
modifiable capacity capable of working with 1 to 4 filter layers in parallel
high flow rate minimum flow rate of 4 liters per minute

Pure Paani's Needs

Need Constraint
low cost to build maximum manufacture of ₹1000
scalable standard parts purchasable within 25 km radius of manufacture
high sale cost minimum sale price of ₹2000