Model 3.01

Model 1.01 with Streamlined Housing

Under sink filtration systems often include a carbon block filter cartridge along with some type of enclosure to route water through the porous medium. These enclosures (often called filter bowls) are meant to be attached to a pressurized plumbing  system. 

This model replaces the enclosure with a few low-cost, readily available parts arranged such that a typical carbon block filter can be seated, inline with hand-pumped water.  

While the ready-made filter media adds a layer of dependability to this model's efficacy, it is also likely to increase the recurring price per volume filtered. When the media is due for replacement, the microentrepreneur can choose to buy replacements at a lower cost from Pure Paani or from any nearby retailer at the standard price. 

  • Unit Cost: ₹988
  • Recurring Cost:  ₹0.30 per liter filtered
  • Flow Rate: 4 liters per minute (target)


Model Details and Assembly