Model 2.02

Custom, Refillable Media, Standard Parts

The price of the consumable filter media represents a significant portion of the cost of a Pure Paani filter device. This includes the price of pre-filters, fine-pore membrane cartridges/media and any activated charcoal. 

The second Pure Paani model is designed to reduce this cost with a system of nesting chambers that are easily removed for media service and replacement. It has an interior perforated pipe wrapped in a sack of activated carbon. This pipe is encapsulated in another perforated pipe wrapped in fine-pore filter cloth. The inlet to this chamber is fed thorough a course, non-leaching foam that removes sediment.

When the media is due for replacement, microentrepreneurs and other device users would have their units serviced at nearby station. Thus, while this model could offer significantly reduced operational costs, it would pose an inconvenience to the operator who would be obliged to return to a specific location on a routine basis.  

  • Unit Cost: ₹987
  • Recurring Cost: ₹0.25 per liter filtered (target)
  • Flow Rate: 5 liters per minute (target)


Model Details and Assembly