Model 1.01

Under-Sink Filter Made Portable  

The first Pure Paani hand-powered water filter connects a standard under sink, filter bowl and cartridge to a hand pump. Water is pulled in through a flexible tube, drawn through 10" filter cartridge and outlet though a rigid, downward pipe. 

This filter bowl/cartridge system is commonly found in under-sink systems that have access to piped water. 

When the filter cartridge is due for replacement, the microentrepreneur can easily unscrew the transparent filter bowl, insert a new piece, and close the system again. 

This model has been built and tested to achieve a flow rate above 4 liters per minute with a 0.5 micron (absolute) filter. 

  • Unit Cost:  ₹1200
  • Recurring Cost:  ₹0.3 per liter filtered
  • Flow Rate: 4 liters per minute

Model Details and Assembly