Integrating Factors

In order to understand which regions of Bangalore would most benefit from affordable, portable water treatment services, Pure Paani has combined Janaagraha's 2013 water quality data with the 2011 Indian Census's household amenity data as a proxy for income. 

This process presents an applicability score, out of 5, for each ward. A ward with a high score has a higher percentage of low-income residents and contaminated water than does one with a lower score. In order to emphasize the impact of income on water treatment needs, this factor has been weighted with 80% income and 20% contamination. 

Thus, it is in wards with the darkest of blue where Pure Paani foresees the greatest demand for affordable, portable water treatment. Such an approach is of course based on several assumptions, the most pertinent of which is the business' core value proposition. This proposition has been developed to connect those that cannot normally afford treatment with methods that are already available and tested on the market.