The Three Parties Involved

Pure Paani will locate key members of the target communities who are willing to engage in the small, mico-enterprise of using our hand pump treatment products. These "microentrepreneurs" will be reputable residents that are trusted and dedicated to their communities. They in turn will serve their friends and neighbors who will in effect be the final consumers.


What We Provide

The business will provide filtration devices and consumable media to the microentrepreneurs. The devices themselves will be sold for a flat price or on a lease-to-own basis. Equipment dispersal will involve a training session covering device use as well as the basics of water quality and treatment. The expectation is that these individuals will in turn share accurate information with their customers. 


What We Get

In turn, the microentrepreneurs will pay for and/or lease the filtration devices and consumable media from Pure Paani. The business will be able to offer the consumable media at a competitive price by buying in bulk. Microentrepreneurs should also be more likely to come to Pure Paani given the relationship established during the initial exchange. 


What the Microentrepreneurs Provide

The micoentrepreneurs travel from household to household providing filtration services to their neighbors. During their sessions of service, they will have time to explain the benefits of treatment to end consumers. This will serve as advertising for their enterprise and as a sensitization for the end beneficiary. 


What the Microentrepreneurs Get

In exchange, customers will pay the microentrepreneurs for the services they provide. This transaction will likely be on a price-per-volume-treated basis.